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What do you use your Autogas LPG fuelled vehicle for?

Vehicles fuelled by autogas LPG come in all shapes and sizes.

With the donor vehicle for LPG conversion having a petrol engine, there are all sorts of vehicles powered by autogas from small Smart cars used for zipping in & out of traffic to American ‘winnabagos’ with huge petrol-guzzling ‘V’ engines.

We’ve recently come across a nationwide courier firm, Grasshopper Couriers, a Hereford taxi company, Mac’s Taxis, and a Manchester driving school, AutoScholar, that are all lowering their fuel costs and emissions by running their vehicles’ on autogas LPG.

We’d like to hear from you if you use your autogas LPG powered vehicle for anything out-of-the-ordinary. Are you a tradesperson with an autogas LPG fuelled van? Or do you deliver vehicles’ on a trailer pulled by an autogas LPG fuelled motor? If so, drop us a line using the form on the ‘Contact us’ page telling us what out-of-the-ordinary task you put your LPG vehicle to, what the vehicle is and your contact details. If you agree, we may get our press company to get in touch with you to understand your first-hand experience of running an LPG vehicle and use the copy produced to make a press release for use in local and national, trade and consumer publications.

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