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Top 5 LPG supercars

Actual supercars running on LPG? Yes…really! Here is a small selection of supercars up and running on the cheaper, cleaner gas you could be fueling your family car on…

Zavoli UK Breckland Beira

Starting with the Norfolk-based car manufacturer, this good looking Beira would set you back £90,000. Running on LPG, you can still get a decent 440bhp with the modified GM 6L V8 engine. Claiming to be the world’s first LPG supercar, Top Gear reviewed this back in 2008 and complained the steering wheel was on the left and side!


Aitker Lamborghini Gallardo

Also claiming to be the world’s first LPG supercar (can you see a theme here?) Aitker showcased this Gallardo in Thailand back in 2012 and wanted to prove that their Turkish LPG kits could be used on supercars as well as your normal everyday car. You can find quite a few videos on Youtube of it in action.

Montecarlo Automobile Racasse

Made in limited runs of 15 only, this little number was priced at around €500,000 (approx. £360,000 by today’s exchange rate). Running on LPG thanks to a BRC kit, this car could reach 500bhp with its BMW-sourced 5.4litre V12 engine.


CCG Custom GT Supercar

The brainchild of Tom Gerards’ business, this GT could be made to specification so you can opt for a 450bhp or a 550bhp version with different size engines. Its lightweight body means it can get from 0-60 in 3.2 seconds – yes, on LPG!

Palmer Sport

Maybe cheating slightly here, but Palmer Sport, based in Bedfordshire, is a track day experience where you can drive anything from a F1 car to an Ariel Atom, and a Defender to a BMW M3. Most of the cars here run on LPG, so by my betting, if you want to actually drive an LPG supercar book yourself in for a day here and you can at least get pretty close!


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