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Current Situation

Autogas Limited, a joint venture between Shell and Calor is currently the leading supplier of automotive LPG to UK forecourts, supplying over 150 Shell branded and other independent service stations throughout the country. Following a business review by the Autogas board, the decision has been taken to begin the decommissioning process of its LPG refuelling network scheduled to take place within the next  6 months. This will also mark the end of this joint venture between Shell and Calor.

LPG is a valuable energy source that is used for numerous business applications in industry and transportation. As a transport fuel, LPG is a lower cost and cleaner transitional fuel and particularly applicable for light vehicles. However, in the UK we have seen a decline in the domestic transportation market over the last few years. As this is the market that the current network of Autogas LPG refuelling facilities caters for, we are seeing underutilisation of this service. In addition, the current Autogas refuelling network was installed around 20 years ago, and as such, significant investment will be required to ensure the long-term safe and compliant operation of these facilities.

Although drivers of LPG vehicles will no longer be able to refuel at Autogas sites at Shell service stations, there remains large network of LPG sites across the UK, with infrastructure available to support LPG drivers. Calor will continue to supply LPG for transport into the existing network of around 1000 refuelling sites across the UK. Before any site is removed there will be notices fixed to each refuelling point to reflect the upcoming closure and allow customers to consider alternative sites.  Customers can find information on their nearest local automotive LPG retailer at

Decommissioning has started, and we will endeavour to keep customers informed through our website and a list of sites expected to be withdrawn can be found below.

We will be following Government advice regarding the Covid-19 virus and therefore plans may change so please check back for updates. 

On behalf of all the staff at Autogas Ltd we send everybody our best wishes during this worrying time.



Scheduled start date

Shell New York RoadNE27 0QH27/04/2020
Shell PortwaySP10 3LS28/04/2020
Shell HighlandME14 3HT04/05/2020
Shell MagnaDE12 8AP05/05/2020
Shell OswestrySY11 3EN06/05/2020
Shell OttershawKT16 0PG06/05/2020
Shell Beaumont RoadBL3 4RB12/05/2020
Shell GroveIP12 4LQ12/05/2020
Shell Black CatLL28 5LE13/05/2020
Shell RanelaghIP2 0DY14/05/2020
Shell TowcesterNN12 6HN19/05/2020
Shell Liphook NorthGU30 7TT19/05/2020
Shell TrocaderoLE5 2BE20/05/2020
Shell Liphook SouthGU30 7TU21/05/2020
Shell ClearviewRH1 5AL26/05/2020
Shell DerbyDE65 6DX26/05/2020
Shell SaleM33 7JR27/05/2020
Shell ThurcastonLE4 3LH28/05/2020
Shell RetfordDN22 0PG01/06/2020
Shell NorthamptonNN4 0JN01/06/2020
Shell Manor WayB62 8RJ 01/06/2020
Shell YeadingUB5 6LN08/06/2020
Shell West BromwichB70 9LS08/06/2020
Shell FestivalST1 5JQ08/06/2020
Shell PrioryNG9 2TA15/06/2020
Shell Cross KeysDY9 0JL15/06/2020
Shell SolihullB91 1BB15/06/2020
Shell MaidenheadSL6 0AR15/06/2020
Shell MacknadeME13 8XA22/06/2020
Shell Pied PiperRG22 6HT22/06/2020
Shell AllestreeDE22 2DG22/06/2020
Shell CorridaB33 9AX22/06/2020
Shell CringlefordNR9 3AU29/06/2020
Shell Carlisle NorthCA6 4HA29/06/2020
Shell DreghornEH13 9QR29/06/2020
Shell TothillRG20 9BX29/06/2020
Shell Doggetts LaneCO6 1EU06/07/2020
Shell ThrapstonNN14 4UA06/07/2020
Shell EagleOL11 1TJ06/07/2020
Shell UptonCH49 0UE06/07/2020
Shell PinnerHA5 2AF13/07/2020
Shell BroadmeadBS2 9LU13/07/2020
Shell DownendBS36 1AH13/07/2020
Shell LadymeadGU1 1DL13/07/2020
Shell LymingtonSO41 8DH13/07/2020
Shell ChigwellIG7 5PP20/07/2020
Shell Derby RoadL20 1BP20/07/2020
Shell HarlowCM17 9NG20/07/2020
Shell OldburyGL10 3SJ20/07/2020
Shell SandiwayCW8 2DX27/07/2020
Shell Redheugh BridgeNE8 2JX27/07/2020
Shell RayleighSS6 7SL27/07/2020
Shell CheltenhamGL51 7AY03/08/2020
Shell Darby's CornerBH17 7JX03/08/2020
Shell ChaseOX26 6HB03/08/2020
Shell OllertonNG22 9DT03/08/2020
Shell Haydock IslandWA12 0HL10/08/2020
Shell LincolnLN1 3ND10/08/2020
Shell BuckdenPE19 5XF10/08/2020
Shell Carland CrossTR8 5AY17/08/2020
Shell HayleTR27 5DG17/08/2020
Shell SunburyTW13 6QN17/08/2020
Shell Southwark ParkSE16 2JN17/08/2020
Shell ChiswellAL2 2EH24/08/2020
Shell LeadenhallMK6 5AD24/08/2020
Shell SceptreWD24 4BX24/08/2020
Shell CircleEH4 2NT31/08/2020
Shell TitchfieldPO14 4BB31/08/2020
Shell WoodfordIG8 8HQ31/08/2020
Shell TonbridgeTN9 2SA07/09/2020
Shell Stirling CornerEN5 3TG07/09/2020
Shell WinnallSO23 7SL07/09/2020
Shell EalingW5 3HJ14/09/2020
Shell Waitrose SalisburySP2 7TS14/09/2020
Shell Waitrose Southend on SeaSS2 4DR21/09/2020
Shell GlosterCR0 2LG21/09/2020
Shell SavoySW18 1TP21/09/2020
Shell Waitrose CheltenhamGL50 3QW28/09/2020
Shell BeaconsfieldHP9 2SE05/10/2020
Shell Luton AirportLU2 9HD05/10/2020
Shell BarkingIG11 8BU05/10/2020
Shell Bourne EndHP1 2SB12/10/2020
Shell CobhamKT11 3DB12/10/2020
Shell VictoriaSW1W 9QN12/10/2020
Shell Chesterfield NorthDE55 5DG19/10/2020
Shell Chesterfield SouthDE55 5DG19/10/2020
Shell BaguleyM23 9AA19/10/2020
Shell Channel GatewayCT21 4GH19/10/2020
Shell CambridgeCB23 4WU26/10/2020
Shell PeterboroughPE7 3UQ26/10/2020
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