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Taxi Drivers

“The biggest benefit is how low the emissions are now. The passengers I pick up are complimentary as it gives a smoother and quieter drive"

Diesel black taxis contribute significantly to urban NOx and PM levels, the most harmful pollutants in our air. Therefore cleaning up the emissions from these vehicles can quickly and effectively improve air quality where it is needed most.


LPG is a strategically important alternative fuel both internationally and in the UK. This is due to its inherent practical and cost advantages compared to other options such as electric and hydrogen, alongside its potential to substantially reduce a range of pollutants including NOx, PM and CO2. Independent testing of a TX4 taxi repowered to run on LPG revealed that after conversion the taxi emitted 95% less particulate matter, 98% less NOx, and 7% less CO2.

We must take action now to tackle this ever growing problem. With the likely introduction of Clean Air Zones, access to parts of the urban areas where black taxis operate could be severely restricted if your vehicle contravenes the emission limits. This has an obvious detrimental effect on black taxi drivers.

Act immediately

A solution to cleaning up your existing LTI/LTC TX1, TX2 and TX4 taxi to run on LPG is now available through GasCab. This involves replacing the original diesel engine with a brand new petrol-LPG engine, which meets EURO 6 emission standards. The GasCab repowering solution has been approved by Transport for London and independently emission tested by both Mira and Millbrook. In addition to undertaking the standard New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) test cycle, we’ve also performed a Public Carriage Office Cenex test cycle (London taxi specific) and the new Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP), the successor of the NEDC, to ensure our emission performance is robust and reliable.

What is the repowering solution?

What does the installation cost?

The repowering will cost £10400 (Excluding VAT) for a TX2 and £XXXX (Excluding VAT) for a TX4.

With fuel savings of around 20%, drivers are able to recoup the upfront retrofit cost in just 3 years.

By way of comparison, costs for a new zero emission capable black taxi start at £60,000,
a price that is unaffordable for many taxi drivers even with incentive schemes in place.

What do you get?

• Brand new 2.0L turbo engine tuned to supply the 
same torque and power as the original diesel engine 

• Complete new LPG and Petrol fuel system, including tanks
• New exhaust (front to back, including catalyst) 

• New (on TX1 & TX2) or refurbished (on TX4) radiator 

• New alternator
• New steering pump (on TX2 & TX4) 

• Full tank of LPG and Petrol 

• Everything will be fully fitted and tested 

How long does it take?

Your black taxi is with the installers for approximately 8 days. The installation will only take a few days, after that the black taxi will undergo a number of performance and emission tests.

Benefits of the LPG Repowering Solution

• 20-30% lower fuel costs (£200 per month)
• No range anxiety (range of 300 – 400 miles)
• Low initial investment (in comparison with current
electric alternatives) with a realistic return on
your investment, expected to be within 2 years
• Lower maintenance costs compared to diesel
• Your black taxi will run quieter, have less
vibration and be more comfortable to drive
• An immediate solution for air quality without
displacing the pollution elsewhere
• 50% discount for the Heathrow Airport feeder park (only applicable in London)
• 5 yr extension to the life of your black taxi in London (TfL Approved) from 15 to 20 years (currently
only in London, Reading and Birmingham)


Case study

Through the DfT-funded ‘NOx Champions’ project, Birmingham City Council has repowered 63 diesel black taxis to run on LPG. The project has proven to be a huge success, not only helping to reduce emissions in the city, but also allowing black taxi drivers to save around £200 a month on their fuel bills and experience an improved vehicle operation.


5 year entension to cab life, whilst saving 20-30% on fuel costs

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