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Second-hand LPG cars

Any car purchase will require a bit of research and normal checks, particularly if you are buying second-hand. If you want to buy a car already converted to run on Autogas, make sure you use our handy checklist to help you understand what extra bits you should be looking out for:

UKLPG registration

All cars converted to run on Autogas in the UK should be on the UKLPG register, meaning they have been converted and inspected by an approved converter on the UKLPG scheme. You can easily find out if the car you are looking at is on the register by entering the car number plate on the UKLPG website here.

Service history

As well as having the usual car services and MOTs, check when the last time it had a gas service and that everything was ok. If it hasn’t had one specifically for the LPG system, it may be a wise idea to ask for it to be thrown in if you are buying from a UKLPG approved garage – you can also get it put on the register retrospectively if it isn’t already.

System check

If the system is on the UKLPG approved register, there should be no problems with this, but either way, double check that the filler is the correct bayonet style fitting that is used in the UK – you shouldn’t have to use an adaptor when filling up.

Also, ask what system has been fitted to the car to check if it is a suitable LPG kit for that car – you can easily find out by calling a UKLPG approved installer and asking a few questions, or fill out our enquiry form below.


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Test drive – on both fuels

Like with any car purchase, you need to take it for a spin. With an LPG converted car, it is always a good idea to test the car running on both Autogas and petrol to make sure the systems are both working, and that the car is capable of switching over between the two.

Remember, the car will always start on petrol and then very soon should automatically switch over to run on Autogas.

Want to convert your own petrol car to run on Autogas?

Find out how here or listen to the stories of people like you who bought second-hand LPG cars.

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