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Salesman saves thousands in fuel charges with LPG

With growing scrutiny over the problems associated with diesel, particularly in London and the rest of the South East, it’s no surprise that many fleet drivers are looking to alternative fuels. Electric vehicles may be the obvious choice but with limited access issues to the charging network and the cost of new cars, EVs are not a practical option for many drivers or businesses.

That’s where LPG comes in. The fuel is around 40 per cent cheaper than petrol and diesel and is widely available at more than 1,400 stations across the UK. Autogas LPG is far cleaner than either petrol or diesel and could help to solve air pollution problems in UK cities. LPG is known to emit 80 per cent less nitrogen oxide, a major contributor to smog, than diesel derivatives, as well as 98 per cent less particulates, a type of pollutant that is recognised for causing and exacerbating respiratory problems.

Around 150,000 drivers use LPG in the UK, and sales rep David Crompton from Basingstoke is just one of them. He purchased a petrol powered 2010 Vauxhall Astra three years ago and immediately had it converted to run on autogas LPG.

“The conversion was carried out by Autogas Battersea, cost me just £950 and was paid off in only four months. I travel around 30,000 miles per year and am now saving between £150 and £250 every month on my fuel costs. I was introduced to LPG in 2006 through a friend who had been driving it for some years. The cost of petrol was starting to spiral and so I started looking at alternative fuel options.”

In three years David has saved over £6000 on fuel and thinks others should definitely consider LPG. But with little or no Government support to help drivers switch to the fuel Autogas Limited, the UK’s leading supplier of LPG fuel, established its own conversion network earlier this year to help drivers easily make the switch.

“This is my second LPG car and I’ll continue to drive on it for the foreseeable future. There should be more incentives for drivers and businesses to switch to cleaner fuels, including LPG, and particularly in London. Incentives to switch, such as grants, should match those for electric and hybrid vehicles.”

It was recently announce that the Government’s plug-in car grant has been extended to February 2016 despite questions on take up.

David continued: “If you’re a high mileage driver the cost saving benefit is very clear. It was definitely worth making the switch to LPG. The conversion was really simple, well priced and paid off very quickly.”

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