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Price gap gives ‘fuel’ for thought

Beleaguered motorists are being reminded of the incredibly cheap cost of autogas LPG compared to petrol, which has just widened to its second biggest price gap on record.

According to the AA’s fuel price report for July, the average autogas LPG price was just 69.8 pence per litre compared to an unleaded price of 135.8 pence per litre.

This represents a whopping 66 pence per litre difference between the two fuels, which has only been wider in recent times in September 2012.

Paul Oxford, business development manager, Autogas Limited, said: “The huge price gap between petrol and autogas LPG is more reason than ever for car owners to switch to autogas LPG.

“It’s hard to believe just how big a difference there is in the cost of the two fuels and what a significant impact autogas LPG can have in reducing fuel bills, whether it’s for a private motorist or a large fleet operator.”

Typically, autogas LPG users save 40 per cent annually on the car fuel bills compared to their petrol counterparts.

There’s more than 1,400 autogas LPG refuelling facilities across the UK, including the very recently opened new Autogas Limited pump at a completely rebuilt Shell petrol station in Grimsby.

Oxford added: “Converting to autogas LPG is not only better for your wallet but also the environment, as autogas LPG produce less CO2 and oxides of nitrogen compared to the equivalent petrol and diesel models, while also producing fewer small particle emissions compared to diesel. Now that’s a fuel load of your mind!”

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