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New Autogas LPG dispensers cuts waiting times as well as emissions

Drivers of LPG autogas powered cars are set to enjoy easier and shorter refuelling times following the installation of a new fuel dispenser at Shell Barking.

Following feedback from motorists that its LPG dispensers were often blocked by drivers waiting for the petrol or diesel pumps, a brand new dedicated autogas refuelling point has been constructed to the side of the forecourt. With clear signage to help drivers locate the point even more easily, the arrangement is the first of its type anywhere in the country and will be used as a test site for potential expansion across the UK.

Linda Gomersall, general manager of Autogas, said: “At Autogas we’re consistently looking for ways to better the service we provide to LPG motorists. Having listened to customers comments, we hope this new investment at Shell Barking will ensure that drivers enjoy a hassle-free driving experience on a clear conscience, knowing their car is more environmentally friendly too.”

Cleaner and cheaper in comparison to diesel and petrol, LPG autogas is enjoying renewed levels of interest with motorists thanks to its ability to help them slash their motoring bills by more than a third, and reduce their impact on the environment. The fuel is available at more than 1,400 refuelling sites across the UK, and has recently been supported by Autogas with the introduction of their own conversion network, making it even easier than ever before for drivers to make the switch.

“We look forward to hearing feedback from users on the new site arrangement so we can assess similar rollouts across the country,” concludes Gomersall.

To find your nearest Autogas refuelling point, check out our map.

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