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LPG suits Burrwood Flooring down to the ground

Real wooden floors specialist – Burrwood Flooring in South Wales – love driving with autogas LPG so much so that all vehicles in its fleet – ranging from an American pick-up truck to small vans – now run on the cheaper and greener fuel.

And the fact its vehicles are autogas LPG powered often doesn’t go unnoticed by its customers, who are keen to know why the vehicles each have an extra filler cap!

When Burrwood Flooring owner Mark Burris explains why, then the next almost inevitable question is how much do you save with autogas LPG?

With confidence, Mark can say that he’s cut his fuel bills by 25 per cent, quite a hefty saving when the Dodge Ram pick-up truck alone has 160,000 miles on the clock.

But while most motorists fill up for less on the forecourt, Burrwood Flooring, which specialises in hardwood flooring, including new installations and the refurbishment of existing fittings, has actually installed its own LPG tank to refuel its vehicles at its depot primarily because of the number of vehicles it runs and subsequently the large quantity of autogas they use.

However, no matter where autogas LPG users fill up, the one thing they all have in common is the significant savings they are making against using petrol or diesel.

Mark said: “We’ve been running autogas LPG vehicles for about 10 years. It was primarily a lack of choice in the diesel market that made me look at alternative vehicles which led me to LPG.

“Now hardly a week goes by when at least one customer doesn’t ask me about our LPG vehicles, which also includes a 4×4 SUV which is ideal for our rural location especially when the weather turns nasty, and I’m happy to tell them that it’s a lot cheaper than petrol or diesel, and also cleaner. Some people have been so impressed that they’ve subsequently converted to LPG themselves.”

Currently there are some 170,000 cars running on LPG in the UK, with approximately 1,400 refuelling stations (not including Burrwood Flooring’s very own one!)

Paul Oxford, business development manager, Autogas Limited, said: “No matter where you fill up, autogas LPG is driving down motoring costs for thousands of drivers in the UK. It’s also the fuel of choice, not just for private motorists but also businesses like Burrwood Flooring which has a small fleet and the savings can mount up.”

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