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LPG is the only way to guarantee cheaper motoring

Rumours circulated that the Chancellor would raise fuel duty in the latest budget but in the end George decided to be kind to the nation’s motorists, bringing relief to millions of drivers. Yet fuel prices continue to put a huge strain on family finances.

Despite recent softening of costs, petrol and diesel prices actually hit a six-month high in June. Since the six-month low point for fuel prices was reached on February 1st this year, average prices have risen by more than 10p a litre.

That is why we’re once again reminding drivers that switching to LPG is the only way to guarantee cheaper motoring.

LPG prices have remained consistently low for the last five years, with the average cost of LPG now at 61.5p per litre. LPG drivers can save up to 40 per cent on their running costs compared to running on petrol. It is also readily available with more than 1,400 refuelling stations across the UK.

It’s not just the financial opportunities that are beneficial to UK’s motorists. CO2 emissions of LPG are up to 15 per cent lower than petrol, and vehicles running on LPG are helping to tackle growing air pollution problems in the UK’s cities. Both NOx emissions (one of the main contributors to smog) from LPG are up to 80 per cent lower than diesel and there are up to 98 per cent fewer harmful particulates in the emissions from LPG than in other fuels.

Petrol and diesel prices remain volatile but by switching to LPG drivers can ensure cheaper motoring for the foreseeable future, especially so since the Government’s recent 10 year commitment to the fuel differential between petrol and LPG.

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