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LPG has visible benefits for Clear Channel

Leading outdoor advertising firm Clear Channel UK has many reasons to primarily choose autogas LPG to fuel its fleet of service vehicles.

Not surprisingly, it is the environmental angle and financial advantages that are a major benefit to Clear Channel.

Glenn Ewen, Fleet Manager, Clear Channel UK, said: “As part of our wider strategy to minimise our impact on the environment, Clear Channel UK has set a target of 84 per cent LPG usage against petrol for 2013. As part of our commitment to this target, we have installed seven bunkers at Clear Channel depots nationwide where our drivers may refuel.”

Typically, autogas LPG provides annual cost savings of around 40 per cent compared to petrol for car and van owners and there are currently some 1,400 autogas LPG refuelling outlets across the UK.

Meanwhile, another crucial consideration for Clear Channel’s autogas LPG vans that travel right across the UK cleaning, maintaining and reposting some 60,000 bus shelters, billboards and other advertising sites, is that the fuel emits significantly less particulates than diesel which makes them especially well-suited to city centres, where air quality is of great importance.

Compared to petrol, autogas LPG produces 50 per cent less oxides of nitrogen and 17 per cent less carbon dioxide.

And although not necessarily a deciding factor to convert to the cheaper fuel for most businesses but another important reason for Clear Channel is that a lot of its fleet operates in urban areas at night when residents cannot be disturbed and the autogas LPG vans are the quietest in its fleet.

Paul Oxford, business development manager, Autogas Limited, said: “Businesses across the UK are finding for themselves the many advantages of converting to autogas LPG.

“For some it’s the environmental angle while for others it’s the significant cost savings, although normally it’s a mixture of both.

“However, it’s not every day that we hear that one of the reasons is because autogas LPG vans are quieter; although that’s a valid enough reason by itself.”

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