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LPG by numbers

There are lots of facts and figures we could tell you about the benefits of Autogas LPG, so here is our quick guide to LPG by numbers.

25 million

The number of vehicles in the world currently running on LPG


The number of LPG filling stations there are around the UK at the moment



The amount in percent that CO2 emissions are reduced by if you use LPG rather than petrol


The amount in percent that harmful particulates are reduced by in the emissions of LPG compared to other fuels


On average, you are never more than five miles away from an LPG filling pump in the UK


The number of fuel tanks you will have once you convert your car to run on LPG



The amount in percent that you will reduce your NOx emissions by if you run on LPG rather than diesel


The amount in GBP £ that you get in fuel vouchers when you convert your car with one of our Autogas Approved Conversion Scheme Members

Work out your own LPG numbers by using our fuel savings calculator to see how much money you can save by converting your car to LPG.

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