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LPG autogas – extraordinarily ordinary

“I liked driving the LPG-converted Ford Focus,” wrote motoring journalist David Williams in the Evening Standard recently, referring to his experience driving our gas-powered Focus 1.6 EcoBoost demonstrator. “[It] felt just like an ordinary car – without the cost or pollution.”

His view neatly sums up why LPG autogas is the perfect choice of alternative fuel for many motorists. It costs less than petrol or diesel and is significantly less polluting, but feels entirely familiar to use. The latest reviewer to drive our Focus – Emma Button from ParentWheels – agreed, commenting: “It doesn’t feel any different from driving a petrol car… I guess that’s really what you’re looking for.”

Motor industry marketing and a large part of the motoring press will tell you that electric vehicles are the way forward, and for some drivers they will be. However, electric vehicles are not for everyone. Many drivers can’t plug in a car at home or work to recharge its batteries, and if your journeys regularly exceed 100 miles in one go then you may be put off by ‘range anxiety’ – not knowing if your car will have enough juice to get you to your destination. On a purely subjective basis, as well, some motorists find the driving experience disconcerting, with the silent running and immediate power delivery quite unlike anything else.

LPG autogas lets drivers enjoy the benefit of cheaper, cleaner motoring that feels exactly like what they’re used to, as the eco-friendly conversion is based on an original petrol model. It’s no surprise that, when prolific parenting blogger Susan Mann borrowed an autogas converted car from us, she raved that “it drives the same as a normal car, sounds the same and everything is really the same.”

The same, that is, apart from saving you 40 per cent at the pumps and the fact that LPG autogas emits 17 per cent less CO2 than petrol; half the oxides of nitrogen of petrol and 20 times fewer than diesel; and 120 times less harmful small particulate matter than diesel.

These striking environmental credentials should be compelling reasons for car manufacturers to offer the same LPG autogas models for sale in the UK as they do in mainland Europe. Yet despite our research showing that up to 46% of new car buyers would go for LPG autogas given the choice, carmakers continue to deny UK buyers the option. And that really is extraordinary.

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