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Local MP given fuel for thought

Alyn & Deeside MP Mark Tami recently paid a visit to his local Shell filling station to learn how local drivers can cut their fuel bills by up to 40 per cent and reduce their impact on the environment.

Representatives from Autogas Limited, the UK’s leading LPG fuel supplier for vehicles, and Flintshire Autogas, a local conversion company, met with Mr Tami to highlight how the cheaper, greener fuel is readily available locally, but could vanish from many forecourts unless the government makes further commitments to support the fuel on a more long term basis.

“Due to its better environmental credentials when compared with petrol and diesel, autogas enjoys a much lower level of fuel duty from the government,” explains Paul Oxford, business development manager, Autogas Limited. “However, the lack of any long-term commitment to this reduced rate from the government means that vehicle manufacturers are unwilling to invest and offer LPG powered vehicles from their showrooms in the UK as they already do in other areas of Europe. If they were to offer these, they could provide welcome relief for thousands of motorists throughout the country who are struggling with the cost of motoring.”

Currently some 160,000 motorists around the UK enjoy cheaper motoring as their vehicles are converted to run on autogas LPG, which is available at more than 1,400 refuelling sites. Indeed, motorists filling up today from Shell Northop, where the meeting took place, paid just 70.9 pence per litre for autogas LPG compared with 137.9 pence per litre for diesel and 130.9 for petrol.

With an appreciation of the how autogas LPG can help make motoring more affordable for his local constituents, Mr Tami has confirmed that he will make written representation to the Secretary of State for Transport about the future of LPG in the UK.

“We would like to thank Mark for his time in coming to hear more about autogas LPG and we look forward to providing him with more information in the future to support his discussions with his parliamentary colleagues,” concludes Oxford.

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