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Local Authorities

With air quality regularly making headline news, the public’s awareness is far more heightened than in the past.

Therefore it is critical for Local Authorities to be very visible in the policy they are implementing to help tackle this issue. While charging to enter certain zones may be considered overly punitive towards drivers and businesses, plans for cheaper parking, specifically assigned lanes, or prolonging the life of certain vehicles running on alternative fuels are some examples of easily executed strategies that will benefit both council and constituents alike.

Role for Local Authorities

It is very important the council is both pioneering and responsible with the policies to aid your own fleet and other businesses within your area of accountability.

On average, using LPG in your vehicle fleet will provide immediate savings of between 20% - 40%.

Local Authorities have a central role to play in achieving improvements in air quality.

Council and Local Authority fleets tend to be large and varied, and include vehicles that can be easily converted to run on LPG. For those vehicles with a heavier work load, covering longer mileage, or where alternative fuels such as electricity cannot easily be used (i.e. a lack of charging points), LPG provides an ideal solution to quickly reduce emissions and costs from your fleet.

In addition to a national LPG refuelling network of over 1400 stations, it is also possible for you to have an LPG refuelling tank installed at your premises, which will save even more money and time.

LPG is easily retro-fitted to a number of current small petrol vans and cars, delivering an immediate reduction in emissions.

Tackling Air Quality

Why is improving air quality so important to Local Authorities?

Local Authorities are required to submit an Annual Summary Report (ASR) each year to report progress on the implementation of measures in the local air quality action plan and other measures, and their impact on reducing their air quality objectives.

It is recommended that all Local Authorities, particularly those that have not had to designate Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) or do not expect to designate an AQMA in the future, but who have areas at risk of exceedance, should consider drawing up an Air Quality Strategy.

Considering the use of LPG as a fuel to power your fleet is a simple and immediate way to demonstrate a proactive approach to improving air quality in your ASR.

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