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Keep your autogas LPG vehicle running at its best!

Manufacturers in recent years have made sure they try and get your regular business with dashboard reminders every 10-or-so thousand miles / year-or-so flagging up a spanner insisting you get your vehicle fettled and pestering you every time you start your car.

So whilst your not allowed to forget to get your car serviced you may overlook your LPG autogas system. Our recent survey found that just under 75% of you have your autogas LPG system serviced regularly so many of you are already in to good habits. For the other 25% of existing LPG motorists that don’t have the LPG system serviced here’s a reminder not to neglect your lower cost fuel system as it may be costing you more than it should!

The LPG fuel system is fairly straight forward and uncomplicated but, as with many things, it does benefit from a little maintenance. There are a number of filters that need changing & safety valves testing so why don’t you find your local UKLPG approved LPG service garage and book your car in for its LPG tune-up.

Also, you may have a little chuckle every time you see a ‘lost’ LPG fill-point cover sat on top of a pump but did you realise not covering up your fill-point could lead to problems for your LPG system? If dirt gets into the fill-point because of a lack of cover, this dirt can then get pushed into the tank when you fill up with fuel and clog up your system causing all sorts of problems.

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