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Is petrol history in Fradley thanks to autogas LPG?

With the arrival of LPG from Autogas Limited at Shell Fradley North, local motorists could be forgiven for thinking that the days of petrol are numbered.

That’s because LPG is so much cheaper than the two main traditional road fuels – in fact sometimes up to half the cost.

And the statistics speak for themselves as it is estimated there will be almost 23 million LPG powered cars in the world by 2020.

“Motorists have long enjoyed a love affair with petrol but that could be coming to an end with more and more drivers converting to LPG.

“While LPG is already readily available in the UK, the arrival of Autogas at the recently rebranded Shell Fradley North site is even more reason for local car owners to make the switch,” said Paul Oxford, business development manager, Autogas Limited.

Autogas Limited, a joint venture between Shell and Calor, is the UK’s leading supplier of automotive LPG.

In total there are more than 1,400 LPG refuelling sites across the UK, of which 220 are operated by Autogas Limited.

“At present LPG is seen by some as an alternative fuel to petrol and diesel, but more and more it is moving over into the mainstream, as proven by the opening of yet another refuelling site, this time at Shell Fradley North, supporting the 160,000 UK motorists already enjoying the benefits of cheaper motoring’’ added Oxford.

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Site Location: Shell Fradley North, A38 Ryknield Street, Fradley, Lichfield, Staffordshire, WS13 8RD.

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