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Is Mick’s Prius the ‘greenest’ car in Britain?

How do you make a green car even greener? Take an electric hybrid Toyota Prius and convert it to also run on autogas LPG, which has better environmental credentials than either petrol or diesel.

And that’s exactly what freelance IT consultant Mick Gilluley from Scotland’s central belt has done.

Converted by UKLPG approved installer Martin Motors in Muirhead, his Prius returns on average 60 mpg but because the cost of autogas LPG is almost half that of petrol then in essence that is effectively around 120 mpg.

However, because the car actually runs on electric at low speed and on autogas LPG at all other times, its green credentials are what really catches the eye.

While, the environmental benefits of hybrid electric cars are well-documented, not so many people know how autogas LPG is helping improve local air quality, amongst other things.

In fact, cars running on autogas LPG emit less carbon dioxide and oxides of nitrogen than petrol or diesel, and 120 times less small particle emissions than diesel vehicles.

However, Mick has been a fan of autogas LPG for over 10 years and his list of converted cars reads like an inventory list from a car dealership, with models from some of the world’s best-known marques benefiting from a conversion, including BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Smart and Vauxhall.

Typically autogas LPG users also save up to 40 per cent annually on their car fuel bills, a fact fully appreciated by Mick.

“I’ve had the LPG bug for a long time and realised way back that it is an absolute ‘no brainer’ in that instantly upon converting the vehicle your fuel costs are all but halved. There’s something nice about pulling up at the pump and seeing the cost of autogas LPG versus petrol and diesel. Of course, the environmental angle is also incredibly important and one of the reasons I drive autogas LPG powered cars,” said Mick.

Also throw into the equation, according to Mick, is that autogas LPG converted cars resell for up to £1,000 more than if they were just petrol models, there’s no change in the cars’ performance after conversion, plus the fact they sell much quicker, and it’s a win-win situation all round.

Paul Oxford, business development manager, Autogas Limited, said: “Mick’s a great example of how passionate autogas LPG vehicle owners get thanks to the fuels low price at the pump and its better environmental credentials than petrol or diesel.

“We’ve always long suspected that autogas LPG users are extremely loyal and Mick is proof of this. However, the benefits of driving on the cheaper fuel is also enjoyed by 170,000 other car owners in the UK, so he’s definitely not alone!”.

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