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How to refuel with LPG

Refuelling with Autogas LPG is as easy as 1, 2, 3…



  • Push nozzle over the lugs on the filler valve
  • Turn barrel 90 degrees clockwise
  • Pull the lever and latch securely into place

Keep your hands away from the barrel once you pull the lever 



Simply push and hold the button until your tank is full



  • Squeeze back the lever
  • Release will cause a small bit of gas to come out – this is normal
  • Turn barrel anti-clockwise and replace to the holder

Watch the videos below showing how to use the two types of Nozzles on our forecourts...

For Instructions on how to use the Gasguard Nozzle

For Instructions on how to use the DeVisser Boessonkool Nozzle

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