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Famous LPG cars and owners

Autogas LPG has many appeals including the cheaper price at the pump than other fuels, and the fact that it iskinder to the environment than other fuels too. But we wonder which of those benefits encouraged these famous cars or their owners to convert to run on LPG? Find out in our top six run down

Quentin Willson

Recently speaking at our launch event in London, Quentin Willson loves all the benefits of LPG and really thinks the government and car manufacturers need to look again at supporting the market. And why is he so passionate?

He owns his own LPG car – a Jeep Cherokee! In an article in the Mirror Quentin said “LPG is fantastic. When I leave home I can choose between a Merc, Lexus or gas-powered Jeep. And I nearly always take the Jeep because I know the run to London is going to cost me only seven quid…this is a no brainer people.” We totally agree Quentin!


Richard Hammond

Top Gear presenter and all-round car enthusiast, Richard was once the face of an LPG magazine! Back in 2005, Richard wrote an article about the benefits of LPG, and his experience of buying a second-hand LPG car for family use.

He had a Range Rover Vogue SE for just four grand at the time. With a 3.9 litre V8 engine, he loved the savings on fuel and could still ‘transport and small army’ in it

The Queen

Owning several cars over the years, HRH has a fondness for the green aspects of the LPG car. Including a Bentley, Rolls Royce, Rover and Daimler to name but a few, at one point the Queen had 14 cars all running on gas – the palace even has its own LPG tank to fill up the cars in the privacy of their grounds.


The Duke of Edinburgh

Not to be outdone, Prince Philip also runs around on LPG – he famously had a London Taxi converted to run on gas and used it to get around the city, often unrecognised.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Behind its colourful, friendly façade the original vehicle from the 1968 film has been cunningly reducing pollution and saving money thanks to LPG. Back in 2004, Pierre Picton who owned the world’s favourite car did the conversion to reduce the car’s impact on the environment, saying “We didn’t want our beautiful car puffing out clouds of pollution.”



Kind of cheating on this one as it isn’t the actual DeLorean from theactual Back to the Future film franchise, but one of our Autogas Approved Conversion Scheme Members in Rosyth, near Edinburgh, recently converted a customer’s beloved DeLorean to run on LPG.

A tough project involving restoring the car to its original glory, but already the DeLorean is turning heads as we found out when we took it to London for the day.

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