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Emissions – not just a load of hot air

The European Union has recently published new rules for vehicle manufacturers on CO2 emissions. According to these new laws, manufacturers selling more than 300,000 cars a year must not exceed a fleet average of 130 grams per kilometre (g/km) of CO2 emission by 2015, and by 2021 the limit will be just 95g/km.

These figures apply as an average to the entire range of vehicles that a manufacturer sells, meaning that they can continue to sell cars that emit more than the limit as long as they are balanced by models producing less. Financial penalties will apply to manufacturers whose fleets don’t conform.

This development came at almost the same time as the EU announced that it is fining the UK £300million for failing to comply with air quality legislation. One of the principal pollutants to blame for Britain’s poor air is nitrogen dioxide – a gas that has been associated with serious health problems including increased risk of a heart attack. It’s also commonly produced by diesel engines.

Isn’t there an ideal opportunity here for car manufacturers to take the initiative? By increasing the availability of LPG-fuelled models and offering them to buyers in the UK, they will be helping themselves as cleaner-burning autogas will contribute to lower average CO2 emissions across their ranges.

With LPG also producing up to 50 times fewer oxides of nitrogen and 120 times less harmful small particulate matter than diesel, getting showroom LPG models onto our roads could even help to improve the quality of the UK’s air, avoiding future fines.

So, come on manufacturers. Here’s your chance to show how serious you are about tackling air pollution and meeting your emissions targets, by offering motorists in the UK as well as Europe the choice of cars powered by autogas LPG – the greener fuel of choice.

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