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Driving instructor saves £2,000 on fuel costs with LPG

Durham based driving instructor Stuart Russell is now savings hundreds of pounds a month in fuel costs having won a competition to have his car converted to run on autogas LPG.

Stuart, owner of independent driving school A Plus Driving, won the car conversion worth £1,500 as a prize donated by Autogas Limited in a national competition run by The Instructor magazine in June this year.

The switch to LPG is already having a positive impact on his business. Covering 25,000 miles a year teaching learner drivers, Stuart has already halved one of the highest expenditures of running the driving school. As Stuart explains, “the car performs exactly the same as before, however cost wise there is a huge difference. My fuel bill has been reduced by about £2,000 a year!”

Stuart’s conversion was carried out by Bewick Mobility in Newcastle, a member of Autogas’ new conversion network which was launched earlier in the year to make LPG conversions more easily accessible to motorists.


With the increased availability of conversion services and more than 1,400 forecourt refuelling locations across the UK, Stuart urges other motorists to convert to the cleaner, cheaper fuel. “It’s an absolute must, I will definitely convert all my future cars to run on LPG.”

“We’re delighted that Stuart is immediately seeing the benefits of converting to autogas,” comments Linda Gomersall, general manager, Autogas Limited. “For any business which is run on the roads there are huge money saving opportunities to be had. Stuart now joins the 150,000 other motorists currently using LPG and we wish him every success with the future of his business.”

LPG drivers can save up to 40 per cent on their running costs compared to running on petrol, with prices remaining consistently low for the last five years ensuring cheaper motoring for the foreseeable future.

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