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Ditching fuel duty rise is a drop in the ocean; save much more by converting to autogas LPG

While welcome news in itself, the Chancellor’s announcement in the Autumn Statement to scrap the fuel duty rise in January is just scratching the surface compared to how much struggling motorists could actually save by switching to autogas LPG.

So says Autogas Limited which points out that motorists who convert to LPG can save up to 40% on fuel costs when filling up compared to petrol users – putting the extra 3p per litre fuel duty controversy into perspective.

Paul Oxford, business development manager, Autogas Limited, said: “It is welcome news by George Osborne to ditch the fuel duty rise, especially at a time when many drivers are battling high petrol and diesel prices, however, car owners can make much bigger savings when using autogas LPG so they don’t need to rely on the Chancellor doing them a favour.”

Apart from the substantial cost savings, there are other benefits with LPG, which is proven to have better green credentials than the other two main traditional road fuels.

In fact, LPG produces far fewer of the harmful emissions associated with petrol and diesel that contribute to environmental and health problems.

“While greener motoring is very attractive to many motorists, it is really the cost saving benefit that appeals to most.

“And at a time when many household budgets are under intense pressure from the economy and Christmas spending, then any way to reduce car running costs, such as converting to LPG, has got to be worth considering. Why not make it a New Year’s resolution to join the 160,000 savvy LPG drivers in the UK who are already slashing their fuel bills,” added Oxford.

LPG is readily available in the UK with more than 1,400 refuelling stations across the country, including the recently opened Autogas facility at Shell Cobham on the M25.

For more information about Autogas Limited, a joint venture between Shell and Calor, and the benefits of LPG, visit

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