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Autogas LPG ‘ranks’ highly for Phoenix Taxis

Without even knowing it, many customers of an environmentally friendly taxi firm – Phoenix Taxis in Northumberland – are helping to reduce the impact on the planet when they take a trip in one of its many autogas LPG converted cars.

With 84 of its 130 strong fleet running on the greener fuel the chances are that their next journey will have much less impact on the environment than if they were in a diesel or petrol powered car.

In fact, some of Phoenix Taxis’ loyal business customers who are in the know insist that they are only driven in their autogas LPG models, many of which are Saab’s or Skoda’s, realising how much environmentally better it is than either diesel or petrol.

But it’s also a win-win situation for Phoenix Taxis, Northumberland’s largest taxi and private hire company, which estimates that it saves a staggering 33 per cent on its annual fuel bills by using autogas LPG.

Alexander Hurst, managing director, Phoenix Taxis, explained: “Running the majority of our taxi fleet on autogas LPG makes perfect business sense and appeals to many of our customers.

“But perhaps one of the most remarkable things about LPG is that it is so unremarkable! Both drivers and customers alike can’t notice any difference in the performance against a petrol or diesel model.”

Keen to extoll the environmental virtues of autogas LPG, Phoenix Taxis even has a dedicated page on its website – – that highlights its green credentials.

Among them are that LPG produces less CO2 emissions than petrol or diesel, while it also produces significantly less nitrogen oxide pollutants, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and particulates.

While Phoenix Taxis has its own refuelling facilities, for other autogas LPG users, including private motorists, there is an established and extensive refuelling network across the UK, currently standing at about 1,400 outlets.

Paul Oxford, business development manager, Autogas, said: “Phoenix Taxis has gone to great lengths to reduce its carbon footprint with its LPG cars knowing that its line of work can have an environmental impact.

“And it would appear that greener motoring is a recipe for success, not only dramatically reducing its overheads but also pleasing many of its customers. So whether you use LPG from one of our 225 refuelling sites or from the hundreds of others across the country, there are many compelling reasons to convert to the cheaper and greener fuel.”

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