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Autogas LPG looks after the pounds in your pocket

A recent report commissioned by the RAC Foundation showed that the UK’s least well off families spend nearly one third of their monthly income on the basics of keeping a car running.

Petrol and diesel costs have soared in recent years while people’s take-home pay has struggled to keep pace. With typical car tax and insurance costs also escalating, the poorest households have faced a significant squeeze on their budgets as a car is essential for daily life.

Worse news could be to come as a new ‘green’ unleaded, known as E10 in recognition of its 10 per cent bio-ethanol content, becomes more common at the pumps. Tests carried out by What Car? magazine have shown that E10 unleaded can increase a petrol-powered family hatchback’s fuel consumption by as much as 11.5 per cent compared to existing unleaded.

According to What Car?, E10 is expected to be introduced to UK forecourts later this year. The magazine’s editor Chas Hallett has criticised this move, warning the government: “To lead consumers into E10 without fully communicating the significant impact on fuel economy, particularly for drivers least able to absorb the extra costs, is irresponsible.”

Although the government’s efforts at promoting more efficient vehicles are currently focused predominantly on new electric cars, which for many hard-pressed motorists are prohibitively expensive, there is a proven, easy way for drivers to slash the cost of running their existing car and reduce their environmental footprint. And that is converting to cheaper, cleaner autogas LPG.

With the price of LPG at the pumps typically up to 40 per cent cheaper than petrol or diesel, the saving each time you fill up is immediate and obvious. Drivers can soon recoup the initial cost of installing an LPG system and begin to enjoy genuine cut-price car ownership. And, thanks to the government’s recent 10-year commitment to a fuel duty trajectory for LPG, you can switch with the confidence that LPG will remain significantly cheaper that petrol and diesel.

A big additional benefit of autogas LPG is its superior environmental credentials. Compared to diesel power, LPG emits 20 times less nitrous oxide and 120 times less small particulate matter – tailpipe emissions that are both known to be harmful to air quality and public health.

So don’t delay – protect the pounds in your pocket and help to clean up the air you breathe. Make the change to LPG!

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