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Autogas Limited motors into Grimsby

The UK’s leading supplier of automotive LPG, Autogas Limited, has opened its first refuelling facility in Grimsby at the newly rebuilt Shell petrol station on Moody Lane.

Autogas Limited invested in excess of £67,000 putting the new autogas LPG refuelling facility in to the site as part of Shell’s full refurbishment of the facility.

It means that motorists can now fill up with the cheaper fuel for as little as 72.9 pence per litre at the brand new facility – typically paying up to 40 per cent less compared to petrol alone!

The even better news is that LPG has been proven to be environmentally better than either petrol or diesel, producing less CO2 and oxides of nitrogen, plus also having less impact on local air quality.

Paul Oxford, business development manager, Autogas Limited, said:  “The opening of this facility at the new Shell site in Grimsby is great news for local motorists looking to slash their fuel bills by as much as 40 per cent.

“As well as helping drivers to cheaper motoring, cars running on autogas LPG are also cleaner than their petrol and diesel counterparts, so it’s also better for the environment.”

Currently in the UK there are approximately 160,000 cars that run on autogas LPG.

Most petrol cars can be converted to run on autogas LPG, with the conversion process normally not taking more than a couple of days.

Visiting the site, the Mayor of North East Lincolnshire, Councillor Peggy Elliott, said: “I’m delighted to mark the arrival of this new autogas LPG refuelling facility, which I’m sure will prove popular with local motorists who are looking for more affordable motoring.”

Drivers’ of LPG vehicles also don’t need to worry about range anxiety as the petrol tank is kept in the vehicle and there is a well-developed, national refuelling infrastructure with around 1,400 facilities across the UK, some 225 of these operated by Autogas Limited, a joint venture between Shell and Calor.

Meanwhile, Oxford added: “LPG from Autogas Limited really is one of the cheapest car fuels available and is a viable, existing and convenient alternative to petrol and diesel, or indeed electric vehicles which can have a limited range.

“Although it’s only just opened, we expect to do brisk business at the busy site, not just with car owners but also local businesses such as taxi firms and delivery drivers who can benefit from reduced running costs.”

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