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Autogas: 8 simple truths

Busting those LPG myths and finding some fascinating facts, we take a look at eight simple truths about Autogas LPG you really should hear.

1. Autogas LPG has been around for more than 100 years

Proving it is a tried and tested technology, the first car known to have been powered by propane ran in 1913. Since then, technology has evolved, and meaning all sorts of cars have been using LPG happily on the roads everyday – now more than 30 million vehicles globally use the fuel.


2. Autogas is better for the environment than other fuels

Autogas LPG is itself a natural by-product of other processes such as natural gas extraction so the production itself has a low environmental impact. It also gives off fewer harmful emissions than petrol or diesel – read the details in the benefits of Autogas here.

3. It is the second most popular fuel in some European countries

Already massively popular in countries such as Turkey, and Germany, LPG is widely used all across Europe. In Turkey, where 40 per cent of cars run on LPG, it is more popular than petrol!

4. There are over 1,000 uses for LPG

Even if your car doesn’t currently run on LPG, you have probably already used it at some time in your life – whether that is in a cigarette lighter, your patio heater, a BBQ or even going up in a hot-air balloon, this versatile fuel has over one thousand uses.

5. LPG is safer than petrol in your car

Over the years, and with numerous testing, time and time again LPG tanks in cars have been found to have been safer than petrol tanks – they are less prone to leaks, and in the unfortunate case of impact, won’t split. You can rest-assured that you are in safe hands with Autogas LPG.

6. You could even have a tri-fuel car

Not only can you get a petrol car converted to run on LPG, but you could also get a hybrid car converted. Running on petrol, electric and Autogas LPG could mean you have the best of all worlds! From a Toyota Prius to a bus, we have seen all sorts of hybrids converted to run on LPG – if you have a hybrid, enquire with one of our converters to see if it is suitable for a conversion and start saving even more money!


7. You don’t need to drive a huge car to benefit from LPG

Converting your gas guzzler to Autogas LPG is going to save you lots of money, but even if you have a smaller car, you can still reap the rewards from converting. Owen Salmon is one such chap who has saved over £6,000 running compact cars on LPG including a Rover Metro and a Chevrolet Matiz. Read more about Owen’s story here.

8. Celebrities and royalty like LPG

LPG has a celebrity fan base too. From car fanatics such as Richard Hammond and Quentin Willson, right through to royalty including Prince Phillip and the Queen (who has several converted LPG vehicles) the money saving and green benefits of Autogas LPG appeal to everyone!

Find out more about the benefits of Autogas LPG, and read stories from people like you who already drive on LPG.

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