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Anglesey Council

Running a fleet of vehicles is no easy task...

Budgets, Purchasing/ Leasing, running costs and Maintenance are just some of the workload. Add a Government and Environmental shift away from diesel and the task isn’t made any easier!

Gareth Owens, Fleet Manager at Isle of Anglesey County Council, isn’t too worried about a shift away from diesel vehicles, provided there are suitable alternatives. In fact, Gareth is looking to continue to expand his fleet away from diesel and increase the number of LPG vehicles currently running. 

Gareth inherited the LPG fleet from his predecessor, Noel Roberts, and hasn’t seen the need to stop utilising LPG as simply put; Gareth says “It works, saves money and is environmentally friendly” and now currently runs a fleet of 86 LPG cars and light commercial vans, with plans to replace the larger 3.5t Transit size diesel vans if an LPG option becomes available.

Therein lies a problem –UK motorists are still not being offered a non-diesel 3.5t van option. Gareth has challenged OEM’s, as part of his latest tender, to offer Anglesey petrol or LPG vans (which if petrol, he can convert to LPG) Gareth is certainly not alone in this rallying cry – a host of business and fleet managers are faced with the dilemma of moving away from diesel, but not being offered alternative fuelled options, like we see being enjoyed across Europe.

The VW T6 Transporter appears to be the only large petrol van available in the UK and there have been a number successfully converted to LPG already.

Earlier this year, Gareth replaced 9 aging vans for new LPG Citroen Berlingo’s and where he can find a petrol option, more LPG Vans will follow.

Interestingly, Anglesey still run a small number of LPG vans, now over 12yrs old, that are still going strong.

Gareth is proud Anglesey is using a Government Supported and Environmentally friendly fuel but there is also another significant advantage for running his fleet on LPG. Following a recent review, LPG is saving an average of £1000 per vehicle each year vs Diesel, based on an average of 10,000 miles per annum.

It certainly highlights why Gareth is keen to move more of his fleet onto LPG.

On Electric, Gareth does have a small number of EV’s, with five charging points on site, which are used by staff for short distances around the island. For these short trips, an EV works well. However, Gareth explained that the building doesn’t have enough power to sustain sufficient charging for a large fleet; therefore, until Grid infrastructure improves, Anglesey will continue to enjoy the benefits of LPG.

Anglesey maintain and service their vehicles in an on-site workshop and the team have been trained to service LPG systems, meaning they can keep the fleet moving  with limited VOR (Vehicle Off Road). Coupled with their on-site LPG refuelling tanks, the fleet is pretty much self-sufficient and continuing to grow.

Under Gareth’s continued efforts, Anglesey certainly sets a great example of how Green, Cost Saving and Effective running a fleet of LPG vehicles can be...

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