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LPG Black Taxi Solution

London is widely recognised as the worst area for air pollution in the UK, although there is growing evidence that dangerously polluted air is damaging people’s health in towns and cities across the country.

The TXe taxi, driven by a 1.5 litre petrol engine and an electric motor that has recently started to take paying customers around London is only one potential solution available.

Converting Black Taxis to LPG immediately reduces emissions from these vehicles significantly. Independent emissions testing showed that an LPG taxi will emit 99% less Particulate Matter  and 80% less NOx, as well as 7% less CO2 (Carbon Dioxide). Any range anxiety is dispelled by a 300 – 400 mile range, along with a robust refuelling network within the M25.  Taxi drivers also receive a five year extension to the life of their cab meaning they can keep it running for 20 years up from the current 15 year limit.

It is important to make use of as many alternative fuel solutions as possible to ensure that the levels of our pollution in our air are lowered to an acceptable standard as quickly as possible. LPG is robust fuel that is that’s locally available across the city.

Utilising the mosaic of all the alternative fuels available is the quickest way to help London with its growing air quality crisis.

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