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Glasgow & Edinburgh Private Hire Taxi Company

We recently spoke with Brian, the owner of a Glasgow and Edinburgh private hire taxi firm about the benefits him and his drivers get from running their vehicles on LPG. Read more below about the cost savings, ease of converting and the environmental benefits of LPG.

We asked Brian the following questions about his experience.

1.       What made you decide to run your vehicles on LPG?

I've been driving LPG cars myself for over 10 years so I knew the technology well. I've always been a high mileage driver so the economic and environmental benefits were already obvious to me. LPG has saved me a small fortune in fuel costs over the years and I also feel that I'm doing my bit for the environment by running cars which produce about a 20th of the harmful emissions that diesel car produce.

2.       What vehicles are you running on LPG?

With the exception of one Kia Soul, all my cars are Toyota Prius, ranging from 2011 - 2013 models.

3.       What are the main benefits you are seeing from running your fleet on LPG?

The benefit for me is that it's much easier to rent the cars out. But it's the drivers who rent cars from me who reap the main benefits. They save around 40% - 50% on their fuel costs. For a driver covering 1000 miles a week the savings are huge.

4.       How easy was it to convert the vehicles?

With the benefit of experience, converting the cars is now very easy. There were tweaks and alterations required to get the best performance match with Toyota's Hybrid system but between me and my conversion specialist we have the cars running great.

5.       How long have you run your vehicles on LPG?

I've been driving LPG cars personally for over 10 years. I started the taxi rental business in August 2016 and my cars have been running on LPG from the outset.

6.       Do you find it easy to find re-fuelling stations for LPG?

Yes, there's plenty across central Scotland, although cost varies dramatically from East to West. LPG can be as much as 10p a litre cheaper in Glasgow than it is in Edinburgh.

7.       Would you recommend other fleet owners running on LPG? If so why?

Definitely! The cost of conversion is very quickly recouped by fleet vehicles and the savings on fuel and the environment are immense.

8.       Do you see a future in LPG fuelled Taxi’s?

Yes, until fully electric technology gets to the point where a vehicle can reliably cover over 200 miles a day without needing recharged. Even then, the cost of battery leases for fully electric vehicles would have to be dramatically reduced because right now it costs more per month to lease a battery for a Nissan Leaf than it does to run a Toyota Prius on LPG. I think that outright ownership of EV batteries is still risky territory for a fleet owner because of the astronomical cost of replacement if something goes wrong.

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