converting your car

Converting your car

Whether you want to look at getting your current petrol car converted by an Autogas Approved Converter, or shop around for a second-hand LPG car, we want to make sure you are armed with all the know-how so that you are confident in making the switch to cheaper, cleaner LPG.

There are some amazing benefits to running your car on LPG, and the process of switching over is straight forward. Our converters will work with you to let you know exactly what will happen while your car is being converted, including letting you know what type of LPG tank is best for your car, even down to picking the colour of your filler cap. Find out more about the conversion process by watching our video here.

Did you know…once your car is converted to run on LPG, you will still have full use of the petrol tank at the flick of a switch – you can get twice the range now!

If you haven’t already, make sure you find out how much money you could save by running your car on Autogas, and then head on over to our conversion page where you make an enquiry about your conversion.

David converted his car and has saved about £8,000 so far! Find out how by listening to his story here.