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Top 5 LPG supercars


Actual supercars running on LPG? Yes…really! Here is a small selection of supercars up and running on the cheaper, cleaner gas you could be fueling your family car on… Zavoli UK Breckland Beira Starting with the Norfolk-based car manufacturer, this good looking Beira would set you back £90,000. Running on LPG, you can still get […]

Famous LPG cars and owners


Autogas LPG has many appeals including the cheaper price at the pump than other fuels, and the fact that it is kinder to the environment than other fuels too. But we wonder which of those benefits encouraged these famous cars or their owners to convert to run on LPG? Find out in our top six […]

LPG by numbers

lpg by numbers

There are lots of facts and figures we could tell you about the benefits of Autogas LPG, so here is our quick guide to LPG by numbers. 25 million The number of vehicles in the world currently running on LPG 1,400 The number of LPG filling stations there are around the UK at the moment […]

Autogas’ new clothes

autogas video

Autogas Limited launched its new look this month with a new logo and website, and will be rolling out the new strip to forecourts throughout the year. To tell the Autogas story, and learn more about LPG, come on a drive with us in our fab new film. Let us know what you think of our film on Facebook and Twitter […]

6 things you need to know about converting your car


Converting your car to run on Autogas is easy, but here are the top six things you should consider before you take the plunge. 1. How much will it cost? The cost of getting your car converted to run on LPG depends on the size of your engine, however for an average four-cylinder engine you should expect to […]

Autogas: 8 simple truths


Busting those LPG myths and finding some fascinating facts, we take a look at eight simple truths about Autogas LPG you really should hear. 1. Autogas LPG has been around for more than 100 years Proving it is a tried and tested technology, the first car known to have been powered by propane ran in 1913. Since then, technology […]